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Friday, July 22, 2005


Its been two years since I entered the workforce. Yes, on 3rd July 2003, I started on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder and have been there for two whole years. As I look back now, it doesnt seem that big a deal anymore, its just a job! But I would be lying if I said I haven't learned anything in this time. I certainly have! Here are my "learnings" (which is manager-speak for the valuable insignt one gains the hard way):

1. Work place stress is real. Somehow, I believed that "Stress" is really a monster that thrives only in the US of A. That it cannot survive in India. I acknowledge my folly now. Yes, like it or not, stress is indeed real! And no if you are not in a job, dont even bother trying to understand, you wont.

2. Road rage is real. Every morning, when ideally, one should be at peace, I think the most violent thoughts about the bloody buggers on the road. The shuttle service drivers receive regular requests to perform dangerous gynnaecological feats with their mothers from me and I begin my day with murder on my mind.

3. There are no good people and no bad people in the world. Every body is a shade of gray. Sure, I had been told that before, but you dont really believe it unless you see it for yourself. Quite like not believing your mom when she tells you that you get burnt when you play with matches.

4. Work sucks. No matter how advanced the technology you work on. It falls prey to the monotony of routine.

5. There is no such thing as a mature man, or woman for that matter. It just that some are not openly childish.

6. Experience at a job is way more important than natural ability. That is why a mule is better at carrying load than an Olympic powerlifter.

7. The world is full of idiots. I dont need to go into that one, do I?

8. Having a support system is important. You need family and friends you can turn to for support. They may not understand the technicalities of a problem, but they can help you cope. No online chat relationships do not make it to this category.

9. There is nothing you cannot do. Absolutely nothing. Being pigheaded certainly helps in this way.

10. Office politics is almost always ineffectual in any reasonable organization. But it sure is entertaining.

11. Nobody at office cares about you as a person. Its only the job you do. So dont expect any miracles because of your "personal" relations. You are only a job code.

12. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. The important thing is to conceal or transfigure it well enough to make it sound either like a systemic failure or a freak accident. Still, acknowledge your mistakes to yourself and learn a lesson.

13. Always be honest to yourself. Put on an act in public, project yourself as the next Jack Welch/Bill Gates/Warren Buffet, but remember that inside, you are only yourself.

14. Its either interesting or its work. It cannot be both. Dont kid yourself into looking for that mix. Do your job and get the hell out of there.

Well, thats it. I may have missed a few but this will have to do. I dont expect anybody to take a lesson from these (for I wouldnt have, either) but you'll find that you agree with most of what I say.

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